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About NWGA

National Women's Golf Alliance

National Women's Golf AllianceTM Launched to Bring a Better Golf Experience to Women

Four of the nation's most highly respected women's golf organizations have joined forces to launch the National Women's Golf Alliance, with the mission to increase the number of women playing golf, and improve engagement levels of existing women golfers.

The Executive Women's Golf Association, Inc. (EGWA), Golf for Cause LLC, Jan Bel Jan Golf Course Design, and Ladies Links Fore Golf, LLC (LL4G) have pooled their years of expertise, data and observations regarding what women golfers want, experience and need for an enhanced playing experience that keeps them excited about and engaged in golf for years to come.  Utilizing this information, the NWGA established a base of standards and best practices that can help make golf facilities more welcoming and attractive to women and enhance golf's overall appeal to women.

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Five Areas of Focus


Five Areas of Focus

The NWGA not only safeguards but advances the interests of women's golf by addressing five areas of focus at golf facilities:
  • Course Playability
  • Customer Service
  • Course Amenities
  • Facility Amenities
  • Golf Programs

NWGA Criteria

NWGA Criteria!

The table below provides a snapshot of the criteria that has been developed by the NWGA:

NWGA Advocates



  • Donna M. Fiedorowicz - PGA Tour
  • Jan Bel Jan Golf Course Design
  • Debbie Waitkus - Golf for Cause
  • Nancy L. Knight - Hall Of Fame Golfer
  • Sheila Johnson - Salamander Hotels & Resorts
  • Pam Swensen - EWGA
  • Terry Anton - SNAG (Starting New at Golf)

Game Changer

  • John Coleman - Green Valley Country Club, Greenville, SC
  • Joyce A. Friel - Peak Performance Consulting
  • Bud Garmnay - Garmany Golf & Travel
  • Mike Kaplan - Green Valley Country Club, Greenville, SC
  • Debra O'Connell - Ladies Links for Golf


  • Pat Ayres
  • Barbara Barnette
  • Debra Bohler
  • Jan Bel Jan
  • Chloe Clark
  • Joann Collins
  • Margaret E. Downey
  • Helen Hoffman
  • Claire Mack
  • Becky Macaluso
  • Angie Niehoff
  • Carol Radke
  • Rita Simpson
  • Virginia Sirc
  • M. Street, Inc.
  • Jill Strite
  • Jennifer Tennant
  • D.H. Thomas
  • Debbie Waitkus
  • Dorothy Walkowski
  • Rowena Wilks


NWGA-Certified Golf Facilities


Rolling Out the Green Carpet!

The NWGA works with golf facilities seeking to increase their number of women golfers.  The NWGA offers consulting, staff training, course design and other services to assist facilities increase the engagement of women golfers.  Participating facilities that meet certain standards receive a "Rolling out the Green Carpet" designation and are promoted by NWGA as women-friendly, NWGA-certified golf facilities.

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